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Mysterious "cubes" threaten to drown the Earth.
Half of the world's population has been lost to their onslaught.
The remaining people cower in fear.

But there is hope.
The long-forbidden "Orb" may yet save them.

Manipulate the "rune square" and destroy these "cubes" with the Orb's might.


iPhone/iPad App [DynamicOrb]

Control the Orb to destroy cubes.

Break cubes to charge four mana types:
- Green doubles the Orb's size
- Blue traces a magic field ahead of the rune square
- Red gives the Orb a block-burning auto-firing fireball spell
- Yellow sucks cubes towards the Orb

With 10 beautiful stages and unique BGM

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2013.04.11. 1.0.3 Updates -Brance tuned,Bug Fix
2013.04.06. 1.0.2 Updates -Performance optimized,Bug Fix
2013.03.29. 1.0.1 Updates -BugFix
2013.03.22. Launch
2013.03.15. Wait for review in AppStore

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